Imagine waking up one morning to head to one of the most important events and not knowing how to use the straightener perfectly. As a result, you may end up going to the event with unmanageable hair that may look bad. To avoid such an issue, you should make sure to only rely on a high-quality professional hair straightener. But even if you have the best hair straightener and do not have the right technique for straightening your hair, your overall experience can be ruined. So, we have listed down a few tips to help you straighten your hair perfectly.

Start with dry hair

If you try straightening your hair when it’s wet, you may even end up missing some hair from your scalp. Yes, it is true. The best place to start straightening your hair is when it is completely dry. If you have curly hair, you should blow dry your hair before starting. On the other hand, if you have straight or wavy hair, letting it air dry would be your best bet.

Use a hair spray before beginning

Before starting your hair straightening process, you can try spraying a little bit of hairspray on dry hair. This is a tip to allow your hair to stay straight all day long. The hairspray should also be used after straightening your hair so that your hair stays straight for the longest duration.

Only use a fine toothcomb

Do you know that a comb can help you get the sleekest and most straight hair? For this, you need to first comb your hair with a fine-tooth comb and then let the straightener follow the comb’s path. This way, every section of your hair would be perfectly straight and you do not need to run the GHD hair straighteners NZ over a section multiple times.

Stay consistent

To get perfectly straight hair, you need to stay consistent throughout the hair section. You should start from the roots and end on the tips of your hair. Staying consistent is important so that every hairpiece looks similar, and the overall look is not ruined because of straightening inconsistently over the hair sections.

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